GLOBE CANARIAS S.L. is one of the canary companies leaders in the ship repair. GLOBE CANARIAS S.L have specialized during the past few years, in the repairs of mechanics and boilermaking, as much in our facilities in the Port of the Light of the capital Gran Canaria, like in navigation.

In our factories we at the moment have of the outpost technology and the most sophisticated machinery to more take care of the needs of the national and international marine traffic that berths or casts anchor in our port, one of the most important of the Atlantic.

Also, our qualification allows to carry out earth works us other people's to the naval sector. The qualification of our personnel and the ample knowledge of the sector turn to us, without a doubt, in one of the companies with greater capacity of reaction and effectiveness against any type of adversity or necessity .

The exigencies of the international standards of quality, as well as the been suitable fulfillment of terms and budgets are only some of the ingredients that nourish ours consolidated prestige.